Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beauty Must Have: Moroccan Oil

Everyone that knows me knows I'm ob-sessed with all beauty products. If it exists, I've most likely used it or have it in my vanity. My newest must-have is called Moroccan Oil. My hair salon has been using it on clients with such great success that they've started selling it despite being Paul Mitchel exclusive. It's THAT good!

It's a super light-weight serum that you put in your hair while damp, before blow-out. It's 100% non-greasy and makes your hair ridiculously shiny, strong and has greatly lengthened my time between cuts. It's especially great if you subject your tresses to a blow-drier, straightener or curling iron repeatedly (guilty!) It's made from the nuts of the Argan tree which grows only in Morocco making this a pretty pricey purchase. But a little goes a long way and it completely transforms your hair! It's grown so much in popularity that you can find it at your local drug store, Target etc. Enjoy!


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