Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Kitchenistas

New York City. You either love it or you hate it. You either get it it or you don’t. People are often puzzled by the lifestyle and wonder how anyone could do it. Well, for those of us who make Manhattan our home, we don’t see why everyone wouldn’t want to do it! We take pride in ordering delivery for most, if not all meals (even better if the order taker knows you by name). We take pride in not really cooking/grocery shopping much when we could have a fabulous meal prepared for us at an amazing restaurant. We also take pride in our small spaces, because just having a few hundred square feet in the greatest city in the world is a real accomplishment!

Today I stumbled across an article in the NY Post called “The Kitchen Is My Closet” and I just HAD to share it! All you non-New Yorkers will cringe, then go home and hug your Raymour and Flannigan bedroom sets. For the rest of us, one more reason we love this city :)

If it works for Carrie Bradshaw, it works for me!


How much is too much?

It seems like just yesterday I was an Abercrombie-worshipping 8th grader who couldn’t convince my mother to buy me $50 jeans. I can hear her protest “but, they’re all frayed?” To this day, we all pay to buy clothes with that broken-in look: a faded tee, ripped jeans, distressed leather. Hell, we pay a LOT for it! But how much is too much for your basics? I’ll admit to once buying an $80 basic white Theory tee.... In my defense, I wear it all the time and I mean, it’s just soooo pretty :)

Well thanks to Balmain, I look like a bargain hunter! Their olive green t-shirt is retailing for $1,625 on
Net-A-Porter. Lets see what that equates to in NYC terms:

-1 months rent
-1.5 years of monthly unlimited metro cards
-60 Sunday brunches at
-3 nights of bottle service in a club
-108 manicures

Although I tend to cringe when shopping with my Mom and she dashes for the sale rack (ugh!), I definitely see no reason to spend THAT much on a ratty T.

What's the most you've spent on a layering basic?


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

iPod Addition: Lykke Li "Youth Novels"

I was wandering the expanses of Bloomies last week when I noticed I was grabbing massive armloads of clothes to try on/buy when I was really only looking for a few things. This only means one thing for me, they're pumping in great music and I'm feeling frivolous (sometimes they have a live DJ, cue handing over my entire wallet to the cashier). Now that I'm lucid I realize that I’m bopping around to a song I’m in love with but don’t know. I whip out my iPhone and Shazam it immediately only to find out it’s none other than Lykke Li. I know her from a number of songs she’s made cameos on (NASA’s “Gifted” being a fave) but have never listened to her solo album. Well, you better believe I raced home and downloaded her album “Youth Novels” and it’s so-o-o good! Her sweet breathy vocals are super unique and the vibe is sexy and cool. If you only trust me with one $0.99 iTunes download, go with “Little Bit” (the remix with Drake is on my playlist, SO good too!). My personal fave is “Breaking It Up,” literally CAN-NOT stop playing it!

I'd spend a whole lot less if that store was just silent.....


Friday, March 19, 2010

Delicate Spring Jewelry From By Boe

Spring is totally sprung in the city and I have the neon nails to prove it! While there are so many fun trends this season, one of my favorites continues to be delicate gold/silver jewelry. I know the statement necklace is still going strong and I’m still all about it! But there’s something so feminine about a sundress with barely-there jewelry. Thank goodness I’ve found you, By Boe! Founded in 2000, their creations are made of 14K gold and sterling sliver and adored by celebs like Cameron Diaz, Kelly Ripa and Jessica Alba (just to name a few!) They’ve also been featured in spreads for Elle, Lucky, Cosmo and Marie Claire. So I’m clearly not the only one who dies for this jewelry! The boutique is located at 172 Prince Street (@ Thompson) and also have a pretty extensive website to shop from for the non-New Yorkers. Below are just a few of my faves:


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Kanye Replacement: Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi

We all know I'm obsessed with Kanye and I've been deprived of his level of musical coolness since 808's & Hearbreaks (so lame) and his VMA stupidity. This is where my new artistic renaissance man steps in: Kid Cudi.

This guy is the epitomy of effortless cool--a true artist and innovator. Time Out New York has just named him one of their "most fashionable New Yorkers" and they're dead on! He's married Brooklyn hipster style with hip-hop attitude the same way Kanye did with popped collars and cableknit sweaters. He stars in HBO's "How To Make It In America" (Entourage for us New Yorkers) all while being an amazing recording artist. Yes, you all know his hit "Day 'N Nite" but seriously--if you don't own his full album "Man On The Moon-The End Of Day" you're missing out on SO many awesome jams. While I may be a bit more daring with musical taste, his stuff really is for everyone! Songs like "Up Up & Away" and "Enter Galactic" are just a few great ones. The video for my personal favorite, "Pursuit of Happiness," has just released. The song features MGMT (swoon!) and Ratatat (double swoon!) and it's just pure awesomeness:

"If I fall, if I die know I lived it to the fullest. If I fall, if I die, know I lived it missing bullets"



iPod Addition: Groove Armada "Black Light"

I know, I know....right now I'm on the syth-pop train and not getting off any time soon! I'm loving the updated 80's sound and Groove Armada personifies this to a T! Thier newest album, Black Light, is a little bit Cut Copy meets LCD Soundsystem...perfection, basically! If you only trust me with one $0.99 iTunes download, go with History (feat. Will Young) or Paper Romance...I just can't choose one!

Happy Groooooving :)


Style Role Model: Suri Cruise

It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of small children. I find that most of them are bratty, messy and and not universally cute (simply being a child does not make you cute!). It’s the select few that are well mannered, well spoken and well put together that I feel warm and fuzzy towards (now that I think about it, I feel this way about adults too). As someone big into clothes and make-up, my friends say my future daughter will end up on Toddlers & Tiaras, fake eyelashes and all! I, however, have different plans for her...plans to follow in the footsteps of my pint-sized obsession: Suri Cruise!

This child is the epitome of style and I’m in love! Photos all found at the Suri Cruise Fashion Blog, genius!

Proof that shoe fetishes start young

Forget Disney World, mommy is taking you to Sephora!

Navy and green stripe dress by Splendid, purple nails...love!

Mommy & me fashion

Dolce & Gabanna trench, presh!

More mommy & me Ferragamo (Suri's cost $850, no big deal)

So having a kid doesn't HAVE to mean strapping on the Baby Bjorn (ugh), it's just one more person to dress and accessorize. I don't hate it!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Not Your Momma's Aqua Net!

I’ve recently come to realize I have two types of girlfriends: ones who use product in their hair and ones who don’t. This aha-moment came while talking with two of my beautifully coiffed coworkers. One, whose hair is pure perfection, is a shampoo/condition/blowdry/and done girl. The other has a few more steps in the process (like myself). While I don’t judge either way, I DO feel like girls often avoid certain items because of their preconceptions. I’m here to spread the gospel of hairspray!

I came-of-age on hairspray as a utility to plaster down my cowlicks and fly-aways in middle school. I then grew into using it to glue loads of glitter for cheerleading competitions and cementing hideous prom hair for hours of sweaty flailing (and consequently ugly photographic beauty evidence). Well guess what? Modern hairspray really DOES have a place under your sink! Below are two of my favorites for two very different uses:

*Paul Mitchell “Worked Up” Spray
This is so light-weight you literally don’t even know it’s there. An old hair stylist of mine said it gives your hair “memory” so it keeps the look of your blow-out without the dreaded crispy crunch feeling. Oh, and it smells divine!

*Frederic Fekkai “Sheer Hold” Spray
This provides a bit more of a tangible hold but still nowhere near you momma’s Aqua Net! I use it on my ends after blow-dry to give them some hold. Also great after the curling iron for flexible, natural Kardashian waves that loosen as the night goes on.

It’s time to re-embrace the aerosol!


Cuz I'm out in the club, and I'm sippin that bubb, and you're not gonna reach my telephone!

I've been waiting all week—all year really—for the debut of Lady Gaga’s video for Telephone. Screen shots and clothing picks have been leaking for weeks only building my anticipation. And yes, at 11:30pEST on the dot, I watched the premiere that aired on E! And it blewwww away my expectations. It’s pure pop art genius LOADED with 9 minutes of eye candy. But what I love the most is the fashion! While most pieces aren’t weekend wearable (most.....), the visionaries behind the wardrobe deserve to be acknowledged.

Striped prison dress custom made by Jean-Charles De Castelbajac with sunglasses by Mercura.
* Chain jumpsuit custom made by Viktor & Rolf with cigarette sunglasses and shoes made by the Haus of GaGa.
* Studded jacket made by Search and Destroy with vintage sunglasses by Chanel.
* In the final scene Beyonce and Lady GaGa are wearing cowboy hat and outfits by
Emilie Pirlot.
Who wants to hit up Search and Destroy and Mercura with me one weekend?


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bring On The Rain!

The forecast for the next 5 days is rain, rain and more rain! For NYC’ers-this means flooded subway stairs, taxi scarcity and inside-out umbrellas. You’d think I would be dreading this impending precipitation but I’m actually really excited! It’s finally socially acceptable to start wearing my new trench coat, joy!

As you all know, I’m extremely anti-beige and this especially applies during trench season. Why anyone would wrap themselves shoulders-to-knees in khaki is beyond anything I can comprehend (these are the same girls that choose flesh-toned nail polish at their manicure!) I say, it’s SPRING and time to break out the beautiful colors and patterns of the season. Below are a few of my faves, can you guess which one I’ve made my very own?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beauty Must Have: DDF Moisturizing Dew

Today continues day 4 of sunshine and cloudless skies in NYC! While this has already caused a flurry of emails RE: Hamptons Weekends, I’m already thinking about how I’ll need to change my skin regimen. The very first change in my lineup will be my facial moisturizer. During the Fall/Winter months, my skin peels like a leper and I use a ridiculously rich moisturizer. It’s really much too dense for warm weather (hot subway = face melt!)

This is where the worlds most perfect summer moisturizer comes in: DDF Ultra-Lite Moisturizing Dew. I can’t rave enough about how amazing this product is. It’s oil free (key for the summer months), fragrance free (fragrance=alcohol and alcohol=dry skin) and is full of skin saving nutrients. It comes in both regular and SPF versions and can be found at Sephora, Saks or wherever fine skin products are sold.

Here's to safe sun-worshipping :)

Social Stationary

Neighborhoods in New York are so distinctive with their own attitude and personality. And people in New York definitely define themselves by their block. Why not further your hood-loyalty with these amazing notecards by Lady Pym. She’s assigned a specific pattern to each locale which can be customized with your own address. I live Midtown West (ugh, so close to UWS!) so this is a sign it’s time to move neighborhoods.

Hello, Craigslist?


Sunday, March 7, 2010

iPod Addition: Discovery "LP"

Music is a very seasonal thing to me--quite simply, I only listen to certain artists/songs during certain times of the year. This goes beyond the obvious no more Christmas music past December 26th. For example, Counting Crows are SO fall at Penn State to me and therefore I really only start listening to them again in September (first road trip back to school time).

This weekend in New York marked the official return of sunshine and 50 degree weather....glorious! This means the return of all of my favorite sunny city music, starting with my fav, Discovery! The group is made up of Vampire Weekend's keyboardist and Ra Ra Riot's vocalist (the perfect hipster concoction) and their sound is just SO fun! It's bouncy, happy electro-pop and you neeeeed them on your playlist. If you're going to entrust me with only one $0.99 iTunes download, go with "I Want You Back" (you'll recognize this one right away). Other greats are "Swing Tree" and "So Insane" (another tune you'll recognize....Electric Slide?)

Cheers to more sunnny NYC weekends!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shoegasm! Kathryn Amberleigh

As a shopper-for-sport, New York living is just the best because you never know what amazing little boutique or designer you’ll stumble upon while walking through the streets. Since the weather has been iffy, I’ve been doing much of my neighborhood browsing online—mapping out my must-sees for Spring afternoon city-wandering.

Today I stumbled upon my shoe rack’s new best friend, Kathryn Amberleigh. This tiny boutique @ 219 Mott Street (nr. Spring) has only been open since June ‘09, but has already seen amazing success. Her shoes have been featured in Lucky, NYLON, Vice Magazine, WWD Accessories and Gossip Girl! The best part is that her designs don’t stray far from the $250 range (which isn’t bad if your wallet’s been broken in by Reva Flat obsession.....) Oh, and a few items from her line have been picked up by Shopbop for those of you who aren't NYC'ers. Can't wait to try these puppies on:
See you soon, Kath!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Ultimate New York Playlist

I was going through my morning website routine at the office today and came across an awesome little feature on NYMag.com called "The Ultimate New York Playlist." Obviously this kept me busy for a good 20 minutes and I got to thinking about what would be on my New York Playlist. Here are a few of mine:

This is typical, bluesy John off of his debut album. The lyrics are so 20-something young relationship-esq.

I really labored over which Billy Joel song to choose because all of his songs are just SO New York to me. This is just one of the many.

I have a hard time justifying this choice other than I love Chester French and it's about a slightly superficial girl :)

4.) "Go" - Common feat. John Mayer

Even though Common is a Chicago man, his sound is so 70's jazzy soul. This arrangement just sounds like New York.

5.) "Chelsea" - Counting Crows

Horns + piano = quintessential New York sound. Also quite fond of the neighborhood as well!

Bruce is so East Coast as it is and I've always loved this melancholy NJ jam.

While there were definitely too many boo hoo songs on Kanye's 808's album, I really liked this one. It's young struggle, reflection and inspiration.

This is on the list simply because of one line that sums up much of my life, "Another night out, another dance floor." Love it!

These guys FINALLY blew up this past year and this song was on repeat just about everywhere in the city. It's a literal choice, but makes me feel like I'm drinking beers at brunch on Sunday Funday.

The pure fun in this song speaks for itself.


12.)"Time To Pretend" - MGMT

What 20-something doesn't freaking LOVE this song? I mean, it's all lets quit our jobs, and be young. "It's our decision to live fast and die young, we've got the vision now lets have some fun."

13.)"Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn & John

You can't go to many bars without hearing this one and it is just so Gossip Girl to me.

14.)"Shove It" - Santogold

Santogold is THE Brooklyn hipster and her music is so downtown. "Brooklyn, we go hard..."

Yes, it's from the Garden State soundtrack but its a good, old song and is so rainy Sunday.

16.)"6 Underground" - Sneaker Pimps

First of all, if you even know this song I have a new found respect for you. If it sounds eerily familiar, it's from 1996 and even back then I loved it.

This song is just classic 80's British punk and is another one that just sounds city to me. Kinda like if Gossip Girl took place in 1990 and merged with "My So Called Life."

18.)"Soon The New Day" - Talib Kweli feat. Norah Jones

Literally every Talib song sounds like the streets of New York to me and it's all in his jazz infusions. This song is S-E-X-Y and I can't listen to it enough.

Any self-respecting preppy from the Northeast loves Vampire Weekend and how can you not? M79 is named after the cross-town bus line and it's just fun commute to work music :)

I had to wrap up my list with the ridiculously talented Karen O and the YYY's. They're former NYU'ers and this is just one of the many songs of theirs that makes me think of NYC and all the amazing experiences I've had here.

What would be on your list?


Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Must Have: Shoeties

While visiting my family in the good ‘ole Midwest last weekend, my Mom and I made the obligatory rounds to chain restaurants and mall-shopping (Target, how I've missed you!). I had one goal in mind, and that was to find some open-toed booties for Spring. Thankfully, my ever-so-fabulous mother corrected me by saying, “Um, they’re called shoeties.” Whatever you want to call them, they’re SO necessary for your wardrobe these next few months. Perfect with skinnies or bare legged in a skirt/dress! As is typical with me, I’ll need more than just one pair of these gems, here are a few of my faves:

Opening Ceremony

Weekly pedicures commence on Sunday!