Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iPod Addition: Delorean "Subiza"

With a full-blown Passion Pit obsession, I’ve had to force myself to scale back the personal jam sessions (which my apartment calls “noise violations,” but whatev) so as not to get sick of them. But finding a band to fill this very specific genre of void is like watching this season’s American Idol and craving an Adam Lambert-very unfulfilling! The other day I was vaguely remembering reeeeeally liking the band that opened for Miike Snow at Webster Hall. After some fiendish googling, I stuck gold – a musical treasure called Delorean. When they stepped on stage, you could tell everyone was looking at their watches wondering how much longer we’d have to wait for the main event. Then, they opened with “Stay Close,” and within seconds J and I looked at eachother as if to say “can we both be groupies?” This album is insanity, it’s as if Passion Pit took their keyboards to The Burning Man and got all tribal-electro. They aren’t touring the US (yet) but you better believe I’m stalking them down. If you only trust me with one $0.99 iTunes download, go with “Simple Graces” since it’s the most commercial and mainstream-y.

Still searching for someone to go to Burning Man with me one day since J draws the line at hipster concerts.



Tuesday's With Kathy & Rachel

When it comes to TV, Bravo! is all I need in my life (with some Kardashians and Teen Mom sprinkled in). Most notably, Kathy Griffin’s Life On The D List being maybe my favorite show of all time. Kathy is beyond inappropriate (a personal inspiration) and could I be any more in love with her box-o-wine drinking mother? Only one show could make my Tuesday nights rival the ones in college when we’d all go out boozing with no class on Wednesdays. The Rachel Zoe Project is back starting August 3rd and I’ll just say it…bananas! Her amazingly put-together assistant, Brad, will be back and I will continue plotting how to find him-steal him-and make him my best friend. Unfortunately it looks like Taylor will not be returning which makes me super sad since I loved her black wardrobe, platinum locks and ‘tude.

Couldn’t love you more, Bravo!



Monday, July 26, 2010

Fall 2010 Color Trends-Praise Anna!

Another deathly-hot weekend in NYC = a very unhappy me! Much like someone with "seasonal affective disorder" sits in front of a sun lamp, I've tried to replicate Fall by cranking up my AC, closing the shades, dry-cleaning my sweaters and making football weekend plans. Thank GOD for the dwindling Summer stock and Fall preview clothes everywhere I look! In an effort to ready our closets, Refinery 29 has compiled the color trends for Fall 2010 and it's music-to-my-eyes!

Rich Purple & Plum - only my FAVORITE color! Check this off the list.
Above, from left: Burberry Prorsum, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Oscar de la Renta; Yigal Azrouël, Jill Stuart.

Baby Blue - gorgeous on any skin tone, esp perfect for us albinos!
Above, from left: Fall 2010 runway looks from Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Dior.

Bright Red - a color my mom has tried to get me in for years...will wear if I can have that asymetrical coat by Yigal!
Above, from left: Fall 2010 runway looks from Givenchy, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Yigal Azrouël, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Camel - not happening, sorry Jen Aniston.
Above, from left: Dries van Noten, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Chloé, and Gucci.

Metallics-twist my sequined arm!
Above, from left:
Dries van Noten, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, and Alexander Wang.

Mixed Olives-so much better when mixed with brights & black, no brown for me!
Above, from left: Jill Stuart, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry Prorsum, Rag & Bone.

I'll be worshiping at my AC for the next few weeks, until then...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fall-Clothes Porn, Starring: VINCE

I hate Summer-there, I said it! Spring is fine and I can deal with the heat up until 4th of July. As soon as Shopbop has their get rid of all our leftover Summer s*%t to make room for the good stuff sale, I get into full-blown save all my money for Fall clothes mode. To beat the heat, I can be found wandering the air-conditioned aisles of the Soho Bloomies petting the leather and wool. I A-DORE Fall and the amazingly luxurious clothes that come with it. And nothing personifies Fall betther than Vince. Below is just a sampling of my current lustings - a reminder that the September clothing transition is just around the corner!

The Wedge sweater-asymetrical dolman perfection

Sloucy Cropped Pants-not too herim, not too corporate

Cowlneck Leather Jacket-......I can't even...

Boatneck Linen Jersey Tunic - perfect temp-transitional piece

Blanket Coat - consider yourself purchased
Already dusting off my boots and praising Anna Wintour that sequins are still acceptable.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Apartment Therapy Sesh

I'm about 1 week away from ditching roommates forever and getting my very own apartment in New York. It feels like such an accomplishment-anyone who has experienced apartment searching in NYC can feel my pain. But a whole new space to myself means all these square feet to decorate juuuust the way I like to (bye bye bedazzled shower curtain that a certain roommate currently has in our bathroom, woof!) Clearly this is just another excuse for me to shop shop shop and boy have I been! I get my inspiration from lots of different sources, (God can those Kardashians decorate!), but only one place knows the true logistical strains us New Yorkers face in our homes. Apartment Therapy is my go-to source for small-space solutions and contemporary inspiration. They even have a few books out filled with fun ideas and they make cute coffee table decor by themselves!

Happy perusing to you and happy moving to me!



iPod Addition: Black Keys "Brothers"

My first love in music life is and always has been classic rock. I think this is why the Black Keys have always been such a fave of mine. Thier sound is sooo vintage without trying to sound like a cover band (ahem..The Raconteurs?) They make me want to twirl around at a music festival with my Ray Bans and a cold beer. If you don't know this band, go back and start from the begining and learn to love their earliest stuff. This album is just such a natural extension of what they do best - gritty alt rock with an unmistakable Hendrix vibe. If you only trust me with one $0.99 iTunes download, go with "Next Girl." If you like this then you will just luuhhv the rest of their stuff.


Friday, July 9, 2010

The best of friends buy me presents!

Remember the days of boondoggle and gimp friendship bracelets?

I used to obSESS over these guys with “box weave” being my pattern of choice. Now-a-days, that kind of bff-sentiment just won’t do and clearly Links of London agree with me! Their line of upscale friendship bracelets come in a variety of color combinations and gorgeous sterling silver hardware. Perfect for wrist layering (you can hear me jingling down the hallway…) and even better for showing your girls who their coolest and most awesome friend really is.

Friends are great, but friends that buy me presents are even better. But I won’t wait, as an only child I’m basically bff with myself (for retail purposes especially).

xx, friends!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beauty Must-Have: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Holy F it’s hot in NYC! Temps are up over 100 all week and the only thing keeping me sane is Shopbop’s fall line-up. I’ve been pushing the boundaries of appropriate work-wear, wondering if a sarong would be too inapprop? I’m wearing less and less make-up much to everyone’s horror. I’ve also ditched the blow drier which is definitely leaving my hair healthier but a bit on the discheveled side. Thank goodness for Bumble and Bumble’s miracle product, Surf Spray. This salt-infused styling spray brings you that perfect beachy wave without a trip to the beach and a skipped shower. A few squirts and a few scrunches later you’re on your way to the perfect low-maintenance do. BONUS: your wet head on the commute to work keeps you cool.

Low maintenance is SO not my thing, awaiting fall and the layers of clothes, hair and make-up that come along with it.

Until then…



Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beauty Must Have: Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque

While I’m giddy with excitement that Shopbop is brimmmming with Fall clothes on their website, I’m trying not to wish the summer away too fast. And as a certified albino, I’m starting to sport the slightest of tans which I’ll let myself enjoy for a few more weeks until I start to resemble a NJ Housewife. The key here is to take extra extra care of your skin to compensate for the damage you’re causing. My favorite skin-saver is Peter Thomas Roth’s Cucumber Gel Masque. It’s an ultra hydrating and soothing treatment for all skin types. Can be used any time but I love to keep it in the fridge and put it on after sun exposure. It leaves your skin feeling completely restored and hopefully a few years away from the Botox.