Monday, June 28, 2010

iPod Addition: Two Door Cinema Club "Tourist History"

Baaaah! Ok, I need you to just do as I ask and don't ask questions. Log onto iTunes IMMEDIATELY and download this album for $7.99 - as Perez says, it's amazeballs! Two Door Cinema Club are an indy/electropop (sold) band from Ireland and their sound is deeeelish! Critics are saying they sound like a new Phoenix which I wholeheartedly disagree with (but I get the comparison and if it means you'll buy it, then whatev!) If you only trust me with one $0.99 iTunes download, go with "Undercover Martyn" but seriously, ev-er-y song is so good. Already stalking when I can find them live, whose coming?


1 comment:

  1. I owe you my life for this recommendation!! Purchased, and on repeat...start planning a NYC trip because this has TRULY inspired me!!!