Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stupid Nail Polish Names - stop humiliating me!

Lord knows I live for my mani/pedis. I missed a week while away on business and I could-not-function as I began to resemble Amy Winehouse (you get the picture). And while color selection is a carefully strategized task for me, the names of these colors are starting to get too annoying (OPI’s Shreck collection?) It’s like when you go to Cold Stone Creamery and you’re forced to order something called the “Gotta Have It Hunka Chunka Burnin’ Fudge”….seriously people? I just want an f-ing sundae!

Well this humiliation is starting to creep into my Sunday manicures.

Manicure lady: “What color you chose?”

Me: “Um…Iris I Was Thinner”

Thank GOD I’m not the only one who misses the days of “Pompei Purple!” Someone has created a blog called “Stupid Nail Polish Names” and if you think “Miso Happy With This Color” is bad/offensive to the lady doing your nails, you ain’t seen nothing yet.



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