Friday, May 14, 2010

Head-Shaving Prevention: The Goody Spin Pin

Why is it that my hair always looks it’s best when I throw it up to wash my face at night and even BETTER when I wake up in the morning? We all work SO hard to achieve that messy-chic look and it’s almost never quite right. Now that my hair is getting longer (praise the lord), the bottom of my purse is scattered with hair ties and bobby pins for the mid-afternoon up-do (when I can’t freaking stand my hair and want to pull a Britney and buzz it!) While wandering Duane Reade I found this amazing little contraption by Goody called The Spin Pin. It’s said to do the work of 20 bobby pins and creates the perfect messy bun. I ran home to try it and it’s amazing! All you do is twist your hair into a spiral bun and twist one pin into the top and the second into the bottom. It achieves that 80% hold where the perfect amount of little tendrils fall out leaving you with a chic chignon.

Best part? It’s only $6 for the set of two! Here's some hair porn to get you motivated to try these puppies:

Happy spinning and pinning!

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