Tuesday, May 18, 2010

JCrew Sale...you're confused now aren't you?

Everyone that knows me knows I’m sooo anti JCrew. Their clothes are SO beige, the same every season, and almost never on trend. So you can imagine my bf’s confusion when I told him I wanted to go this past weekend. Convo went a little something like this:

J: Laur, don’t you hate this place?
L: They’re having a sale!
J: But it would just be clothes you hate for less money....
L: Wrong! The preppies buy up all the ugly cardigans and gingham button-downs. JCrew is then forced to mark down the experimental on-trend stuff that the preppies can’t wear to teach their kindergartners (sparkles, studded belts, colors other than beige). This is were I come in, it’s economics + math, duh!
J: (silence).....

Here are a few of my favorites that are currently on sale - those preppies be crazy!

Wool tuxedo vest, seriously guys?

Vintage short roadster boots: biased b/c I own these but they're SO perfect in Fall and Spring!

Square studded headband: not usually a headband girl but put studs on it and I will wear it!

Majesty stone cocktail ring: I'd totally grade papers wearing this puppy....which is likely why I'd make a terrible kindergarten teacher.

Long boyfriend blazer: only one of the biggest trends, what is wroooong with you people?

Knit denim leggings: call them what they are JC, JEGGINGS!

Featherweight cotton long cardigan: clearly the preppies bought up all the boring colors, and +1 for the tunic length!

Ares metallic platform heels: no words for this one, just plain silly!

Regardless of where you stand on the whole JCrew thing, they always have great sales no matter what you're buying. But please keep buying the ugly crap so I can enjoy more jackpots like this :)


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