Monday, May 3, 2010

Math = Uncool, Money = Cool

I’ve always been adverse to numbers and counting. My strongest math skill is doing percentages in my head to figure out how much I’m actually saving at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. Obviously, this blog is about fashion, music and cool stuff. Finance is not cool. But you know what IS cool? Money! While most of my posts are suggestions on how to spend your money, this post is dedicated to getting more!

In an attempt to be a grown-up and create a “budget” (woof!), I stumbled upon Mint – an amazing personal finance website that helps track your spending, set limits (of which I previously had none!), and set savings goals (retirement vs Louboutins). The best part is the pie chart showing your spending on things like “alcohol,” “shopping” and “personal care”....those are some big slices of pie! Even more fun, the iPhone app!

Happy spending, happy saving and no more math talk!


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