Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's With Kathy & Rachel

When it comes to TV, Bravo! is all I need in my life (with some Kardashians and Teen Mom sprinkled in). Most notably, Kathy Griffin’s Life On The D List being maybe my favorite show of all time. Kathy is beyond inappropriate (a personal inspiration) and could I be any more in love with her box-o-wine drinking mother? Only one show could make my Tuesday nights rival the ones in college when we’d all go out boozing with no class on Wednesdays. The Rachel Zoe Project is back starting August 3rd and I’ll just say it…bananas! Her amazingly put-together assistant, Brad, will be back and I will continue plotting how to find him-steal him-and make him my best friend. Unfortunately it looks like Taylor will not be returning which makes me super sad since I loved her black wardrobe, platinum locks and ‘tude.

Couldn’t love you more, Bravo!



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