Sunday, July 18, 2010

Apartment Therapy Sesh

I'm about 1 week away from ditching roommates forever and getting my very own apartment in New York. It feels like such an accomplishment-anyone who has experienced apartment searching in NYC can feel my pain. But a whole new space to myself means all these square feet to decorate juuuust the way I like to (bye bye bedazzled shower curtain that a certain roommate currently has in our bathroom, woof!) Clearly this is just another excuse for me to shop shop shop and boy have I been! I get my inspiration from lots of different sources, (God can those Kardashians decorate!), but only one place knows the true logistical strains us New Yorkers face in our homes. Apartment Therapy is my go-to source for small-space solutions and contemporary inspiration. They even have a few books out filled with fun ideas and they make cute coffee table decor by themselves!

Happy perusing to you and happy moving to me!



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