Thursday, February 11, 2010

iPod Addition: "Soldier of Love" - Sade

A little Valentine's week present! You must must must download the newest album by Sade (pronounced "Shah-Day") called "Solider of Love" just released on Tuesday. If you don't know this women's work then you should - she's only the most successful solo women's artist in British history!

A little back story, she's a British/Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer and record producer. She debuted in the 80's and really blew up in the US with her 1994 album "Love Deluxe" (download this immediately, so ahead of it's time!) She released her next album "Lovers Rock" in 2000 and it was totally mediocre. She waited 10 years to release this most recent work and it couldn't be more fabulous! The single you're seeing on VH1's Jump Start on the treadmill in the morning is the title track "Soldier of Love," and while it's good it's definitely not the best song on the album. If you decide to only trust me with one $0.99 iTunes download then go with "The Moon and The Sky," plug in and grooooove.


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