Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunshine = Time For New Sunnies

Gorgeous sun and blue skies made a brief appearance in NYC this past weekend which got me dreaming about what I’ll need to be fully prepared for the seasonal wardrobe transition. I’m a fiend for accessories and sunglasses are a constant temptation for me. While I’ve held myself to the same pair of black Ray Bans for 2 years, I’m thinking it’s definitely time to add more to the collection. Do I lust over the Tom Ford Cyrille Aviators? YES! Is $430 too much for a pair of sunglasses? Depends....

Luckily our friend Tory Burch has a line of sunnies that are equal parts cute and affordable. While TB’s designs can be garishly preppy-bordering on mom-ish, these spectacles are surprisingly chic! AND if you don’t have access to her fab boutiques in Nolita or Meatpacking (poor you!), you can find these gems at your local Sunglass Hut. Check one more item off my looooong list of spring essentials!


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