Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring-Cleaning Out My Satchel: Time For The Mini-Bag!

Fall '09s cross-body mini bag is here to stay and if you’re not already on the train, it’s time! I’ll admit, it took me some time to get into this whole downsized look since I’ve always been the carry-all, satchel girl. But after some honest reflection, I’ve realized maybe I don’t need my mini hair-straightener with me at all times....

The perfect first step in a smaller direction comes from one of my absolute fav bag designers, Rebecca Minkoff. “The Clutch” is her version of a mini-bag which comes in a million color combos and is still pretty sizable. This is my favorite bag that I own b/c it still holds all of my evening essentials (swapped the mini hair-straightener for a mini bottle of
Fekkai hair spray....I tried!) and leaves my hands free for swilling cocktails and wielding my camera. Oh, and it’s under $300!

JCrew has made an attempt at following trend by doing a less edgy (albeit, beige) version of the cross body. I don’t hate it and I applaud their acknowledgement of the studs this season. They call it “motorcycle chic”....nice try ;) Also, under $300!

Tory Burch has a darling mini that is just! I’m talking—iPhone, wallet, keys and maybeeee a gloss—mini. Also, under $300!
Finally, can I get a holy shizz up in here? MULBERRY under $300? YES! This is the most darling bag and will satiate my need to buy something Mulberry since their boutique is CONNECTED to my OFFICE!
.....Leaving the straightener home this season, I make no other promises :)


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