Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bye Bye Banana Boat!

As a “fabulous-fair” (my new, positive term to replace freckled, Irish, corpse-like, albino), these Spring and Summer months always prove to be difficult. In the past, I’ve hit up the tanning beds starting in February to help combat the inevitable first-sunburn-of-the-year.

*Keep in mind, these were my Jersey years and there was a lot of tanning bed pressure, ok?!

Now, instead of fighting my pigment, I’ve embraced it knowing less sun = a hotter, less wrinkled me in my Mom years. But taking this skin through the summer means I’ll need to keep the sunscreen handy which is easy on the beach but SO impossible in other situations. I mean, I wouldn’t dare slather myself in Banana Boat and risk ruining my dry-clean-onlys AND smell like a theme park during Sunday brunch!!

After some extensive research (yes, trolling Sephora IS research), I found these amazing
sunscreen towelettes by Tocca. They’re individually wrapped wipes loaded with SPF30 and a completely sheer, non-greasy formula. Better yet, they smell like Tocca’s Stella perfume—SO much better than reeking of greasy coconut! You can be sure I’ll have these in my handbag at all times these next few months in hopes of delaying the botulism by 5-10 years.


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