Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beauty Must Have: Laguna Bronzer by Nars

We’re on a serious roll with the Springtime sunshine here in NYC! With consecutive days of Central Park-wandering and al fresco cocktails, a glow is slowwwwwly overtaking the albino-ness that is my winter skin. But remember girls, it’s only April and nowhere near time to paint yourselves brown. You need a transitional bronzer that’s somewhere between corpse and Snooki. Cue my favorite tan booster on earth, Laguna by Nars. While most bronzers on the market have a totally orange, Lindsay Lohan hue, Laguna is straight up golden-brown tan. What makes this product perfect for this time of year is that it goes on relatively sheer. As you spend more weekends rooftop tanning/outdoor brunching, you can swipe on more layers of this powder to match you level of bronze. This is also a miracle bronzer for fair-skinned girls like myself!

Who needs melanin to be tan?

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