Monday, April 26, 2010

Penn State Tailgate Fashion

It’s the Monday after an amazing alumni weekend at Penn State and how fabulously immature it was! While I’m still full from all the pizza and beer (TMZ has me on baby bump watch), the weekend was a certified success. The weather even turned out great, despite my iPhone showing a sun with raindrops coming out of it (what does that even MEAN?) While I’m an expert packer, these Penn State weekends are always a huge challenge because it’s impossible to bring the right clothes. Which dry clean-onlies can survive the tsunami of beer and mud? How do you show your school pride without wearing a hooded sweatshirt or a jersey? My weeks leading up to these trips = me wandering Bloomies looking for “blue and white stuff” or “things that match blue and white stuff.” Anna Wintour must have been a Penn Stater because blue and white is back in a big way – STRIPES! They’re EV-ER-Y where! Below are a few of my faves that I’ll be stocking up on over the next few weeks to avoid being that girl at the tailgate wearing the pink sweater (yea, that was me this weekend.)

Here's to looking fabulous in the fields!

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