Monday, April 19, 2010

Jellies 2010

There are just SO many trends from our youth finding their way back onto the runways and racks – some that I love, some that I just can’t embrace. Example: neon = love (never stopped loving, really), entire denim ensembles = hate (hate on me, hate on Giselle). But one staple from our youth is having a major resurgence and it couldn’t be more fun...JELLY SHOES! I’ll never forget the joy that a new pair of “jellies” brought to my little ‘90’s feet back as a kiddo! I was always partial to the clear ones (surely my 7 year old mind was conscious about a shoe that would match all outfits!)
Can't you just feel your feet sweating in these things? Ah, childhood...

Jellies 2010 are far from that basket-weave/ankle strap structure that we knew so well. They’re colorful, they’re patterned and in shapes/styles that any modern girl could easily incorporate into her fabulous wardrobe. The best part is, jellies bring the price point down just a hair making me feel like I’ve gotten a bargain (meaning I’ll end up with multiple pairs...) Below are just a few of my faves:
Jellies 2010


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