Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Mommy, Diesel isn't rock n''s cool!"

Seeing as this is my second post about a celebrity child that I want to adopt/steal, I feel compelled to reiterate the fact that I really don’t like kids! Seriously-when I think of kids I think of snot-nosed whining and Old Navy! I’ve decided it’s only the freaking cool ones that I love and Ava Cutrone has taken the lead from Suri Cruise (better step it up, kid!)

I love love love Kell On Earth and pray it gets picked up by Bravo for a second season. I love it partly for the industry insights and drama, and partly for the shining STAR that is Kelly’s daughter Ava. Imagine my joy when I found this closet confession video on

A few of the gems that prove she is my long lost child:

-Her SECOND favorite color is purple, behind pink.
-She adores Chuck Taylors, like every “downtown NY girl.”
-Her favorite designer is Sonia Rykiel.
-90% of the items pulled from her closet were sparkly/sequined.

Love it & love her! Can pretty much promise she’s never seen the inside of an Old Navy and bless her for that one :)

“Obviously you don’t have anything washable in your wardrobe...” - Kelly

Here's to more dry clean-only kids!


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