Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Kitchenistas

New York City. You either love it or you hate it. You either get it it or you don’t. People are often puzzled by the lifestyle and wonder how anyone could do it. Well, for those of us who make Manhattan our home, we don’t see why everyone wouldn’t want to do it! We take pride in ordering delivery for most, if not all meals (even better if the order taker knows you by name). We take pride in not really cooking/grocery shopping much when we could have a fabulous meal prepared for us at an amazing restaurant. We also take pride in our small spaces, because just having a few hundred square feet in the greatest city in the world is a real accomplishment!

Today I stumbled across an article in the NY Post called “The Kitchen Is My Closet” and I just HAD to share it! All you non-New Yorkers will cringe, then go home and hug your Raymour and Flannigan bedroom sets. For the rest of us, one more reason we love this city :)

If it works for Carrie Bradshaw, it works for me!


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