Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How much is too much?

It seems like just yesterday I was an Abercrombie-worshipping 8th grader who couldn’t convince my mother to buy me $50 jeans. I can hear her protest “but, they’re all frayed?” To this day, we all pay to buy clothes with that broken-in look: a faded tee, ripped jeans, distressed leather. Hell, we pay a LOT for it! But how much is too much for your basics? I’ll admit to once buying an $80 basic white Theory tee.... In my defense, I wear it all the time and I mean, it’s just soooo pretty :)

Well thanks to Balmain, I look like a bargain hunter! Their olive green t-shirt is retailing for $1,625 on
Net-A-Porter. Lets see what that equates to in NYC terms:

-1 months rent
-1.5 years of monthly unlimited metro cards
-60 Sunday brunches at
-3 nights of bottle service in a club
-108 manicures

Although I tend to cringe when shopping with my Mom and she dashes for the sale rack (ugh!), I definitely see no reason to spend THAT much on a ratty T.

What's the most you've spent on a layering basic?


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  1. I consider jeans a basic and like you i remember the day (in 8th grade) when $50 was a lot to spend on jean. Now i own about 15 pairs and i dont even think twice when the price tag says $220.