Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Ultimate New York Playlist

I was going through my morning website routine at the office today and came across an awesome little feature on NYMag.com called "The Ultimate New York Playlist." Obviously this kept me busy for a good 20 minutes and I got to thinking about what would be on my New York Playlist. Here are a few of mine:

This is typical, bluesy John off of his debut album. The lyrics are so 20-something young relationship-esq.

I really labored over which Billy Joel song to choose because all of his songs are just SO New York to me. This is just one of the many.

I have a hard time justifying this choice other than I love Chester French and it's about a slightly superficial girl :)

4.) "Go" - Common feat. John Mayer

Even though Common is a Chicago man, his sound is so 70's jazzy soul. This arrangement just sounds like New York.

5.) "Chelsea" - Counting Crows

Horns + piano = quintessential New York sound. Also quite fond of the neighborhood as well!

Bruce is so East Coast as it is and I've always loved this melancholy NJ jam.

While there were definitely too many boo hoo songs on Kanye's 808's album, I really liked this one. It's young struggle, reflection and inspiration.

This is on the list simply because of one line that sums up much of my life, "Another night out, another dance floor." Love it!

These guys FINALLY blew up this past year and this song was on repeat just about everywhere in the city. It's a literal choice, but makes me feel like I'm drinking beers at brunch on Sunday Funday.

The pure fun in this song speaks for itself.


12.)"Time To Pretend" - MGMT

What 20-something doesn't freaking LOVE this song? I mean, it's all lets quit our jobs, and be young. "It's our decision to live fast and die young, we've got the vision now lets have some fun."

13.)"Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn & John

You can't go to many bars without hearing this one and it is just so Gossip Girl to me.

14.)"Shove It" - Santogold

Santogold is THE Brooklyn hipster and her music is so downtown. "Brooklyn, we go hard..."

Yes, it's from the Garden State soundtrack but its a good, old song and is so rainy Sunday.

16.)"6 Underground" - Sneaker Pimps

First of all, if you even know this song I have a new found respect for you. If it sounds eerily familiar, it's from 1996 and even back then I loved it.

This song is just classic 80's British punk and is another one that just sounds city to me. Kinda like if Gossip Girl took place in 1990 and merged with "My So Called Life."

18.)"Soon The New Day" - Talib Kweli feat. Norah Jones

Literally every Talib song sounds like the streets of New York to me and it's all in his jazz infusions. This song is S-E-X-Y and I can't listen to it enough.

Any self-respecting preppy from the Northeast loves Vampire Weekend and how can you not? M79 is named after the cross-town bus line and it's just fun commute to work music :)

I had to wrap up my list with the ridiculously talented Karen O and the YYY's. They're former NYU'ers and this is just one of the many songs of theirs that makes me think of NYC and all the amazing experiences I've had here.

What would be on your list?



  1. well thanks you to I have just spent a ton of money on itunes...if I didnt have it on my ipod, I just purchased it... :) Thanks for keeping me music savy!

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