Sunday, March 7, 2010

iPod Addition: Discovery "LP"

Music is a very seasonal thing to me--quite simply, I only listen to certain artists/songs during certain times of the year. This goes beyond the obvious no more Christmas music past December 26th. For example, Counting Crows are SO fall at Penn State to me and therefore I really only start listening to them again in September (first road trip back to school time).

This weekend in New York marked the official return of sunshine and 50 degree weather....glorious! This means the return of all of my favorite sunny city music, starting with my fav, Discovery! The group is made up of Vampire Weekend's keyboardist and Ra Ra Riot's vocalist (the perfect hipster concoction) and their sound is just SO fun! It's bouncy, happy electro-pop and you neeeeed them on your playlist. If you're going to entrust me with only one $0.99 iTunes download, go with "I Want You Back" (you'll recognize this one right away). Other greats are "Swing Tree" and "So Insane" (another tune you'll recognize....Electric Slide?)

Cheers to more sunnny NYC weekends!


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