Friday, March 12, 2010

Not Your Momma's Aqua Net!

I’ve recently come to realize I have two types of girlfriends: ones who use product in their hair and ones who don’t. This aha-moment came while talking with two of my beautifully coiffed coworkers. One, whose hair is pure perfection, is a shampoo/condition/blowdry/and done girl. The other has a few more steps in the process (like myself). While I don’t judge either way, I DO feel like girls often avoid certain items because of their preconceptions. I’m here to spread the gospel of hairspray!

I came-of-age on hairspray as a utility to plaster down my cowlicks and fly-aways in middle school. I then grew into using it to glue loads of glitter for cheerleading competitions and cementing hideous prom hair for hours of sweaty flailing (and consequently ugly photographic beauty evidence). Well guess what? Modern hairspray really DOES have a place under your sink! Below are two of my favorites for two very different uses:

*Paul Mitchell “Worked Up” Spray
This is so light-weight you literally don’t even know it’s there. An old hair stylist of mine said it gives your hair “memory” so it keeps the look of your blow-out without the dreaded crispy crunch feeling. Oh, and it smells divine!

*Frederic Fekkai “Sheer Hold” Spray
This provides a bit more of a tangible hold but still nowhere near you momma’s Aqua Net! I use it on my ends after blow-dry to give them some hold. Also great after the curling iron for flexible, natural Kardashian waves that loosen as the night goes on.

It’s time to re-embrace the aerosol!


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